Fire Trax has extensive experience in managing small to large scale projects in cooperation with local, state, national and non-profit agencies and is an approved Contractor for State Forestry

   We bring state of the art equipment and a qualified team to each project.

Prescribed Fire Services

Wildland fire services, personnel and equipment for a successful prescribed burn program.

Protection and Suppression

Wildland fire structure protection equipment and qualified personnel with IA assignment, extended attack and project fire experience.

Fuels Reduction

Fire Trax uses a variety mechanical techniques and fire reduction applications to remove ladder fuels that carry fire into the tops of the trees.

Habitat Restoration

By returning nutrients and sunlight to overgrown and decadent landscapes, Fire Trax can help restore the habitat necessary for desirable plant and animal species to flourish.

Fire Trax Clients

We work in cooperation with a variety of local, state, national and non-profit agencies across the country.
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